Choose BAM Superior Solutions For Your Commercial and Residential Solar Energy Needs

Solar energy is an ample, renewable energy resource for home owners and businesses alike. Purchasing a solar energy system is an investment in eco-friendly energy generation. Investing in solar also increases property values and becomes a hedge against rising utility costs. At BAM Superior Solutions we offer client specific solar power systems for commercial and residential customers, catering to each individual energy usage need.

BAM Solar Engineering

BAM Custom Solar Design

Customized System Engineering

Our skilled consultants provide personalized system sizing and options to maximize the client’s financial benefit. The purchase cost covers the products used, the project design fees, city/county building fees, and installation costs.

High Quality Products To Build High Quality Systems

We only work with vetted, top quality vendors and procure parts from Tier I, innovative, eco-friendly, and dependable solar product manufacturers focusing on offering only high quality energy generating systems for your electricity needs.


BAM Solar Power and Battery Storage

Installing a solar power system is a smart way to reduce your utility bills while doing the right thing for the environment. Using renewable energy allows us to save valuable resources for the next generation. Solar system owners are entitled to 30% tax credit of their purchase price. BAM will provide you with a customized system size and product options with a focus on maximizing your financial gains while going green.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

As a part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (2008), solar investment tax credits (ITC) are aimed to assist the purchase of clean and renewable energy technology along with energy efficient improvements. When you buy a Solar System you are entitled receive 30% of the system cost as a tax credit. This one-time incentive is designed to carry over if not applied fully to the first year. The solar (ITC) is only payable to the system owner in order to promote investment in green energy for residences and commercial sites.

BAM Purchase vs Lease vs PPA

BAM Purchase vs Lease vs PPA

Benefits of Ownership

  • Receive full tax incentive
  • No dependence on rising utility costs
  • Sell your property with increased value and marketability of attached solar system
  • Solar Energy is not regulated by a third party utility company
  • Fixed monthly payments for a limited agreed upon term
  • Be a part of the current growth of globally benefiting renewable energy usage
Solar Act

Enacted in 1978, The Solar Act prevents HOAs and local government agencies from interfering with your solar system installation. The act also prevents neighboring homes from objecting or work against the solar install.

Solar Shade Act

The Shade Act prevents your solar system from being blocked from sunshine, optimizing your energy production. Enacted in 1978, protects solar system owners from any possible neighboring parties planting or installing objects that could block sun exposure to pre-installed systems.

Financial Benefits for Commercial Property Owners

Business Energy Investment Tax Credit

30% of the total PV system cost can be used directly to offset your tax liability dollar for dollar. If the tax credit exceeds your tax liability it can be rolled into future tax periods for up to 20 years.

Federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS)

Under the federal Modified Cost Recovery System (MACRS), businesses may recover investments in certain property through depreciation deductions. The MACRS establishes a set of class lives for various types of property over which property may be depreciated. For PV systems, the taxable basis of the equipment must be reduced by 50% of any federal tax credit associated with the system.

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